The long road from Tyranny to Civil Society
President Yanukovych has been removed by Parliament
Presidential Elections set for May 25th 2014
Russia invades Crimea in a sneak attack on February 28th 2014
Russia invades Eastern Ukraine using Russian Intelligence GRU Spetznatz

EuroMaidan -- Pro EU AA Demonstrations in Independence Square, Kyiv, Ukraine


EuroMaidan started off as a Public gathering as a way to demonstrate support for the European Union Association Agreement (EU AA). Ukraine has been in negotiations with the European Union to become an Associate Member with a long term goal to become a full member of the European Union.

It was meant as an economic free trade agreement and a first step in breaking away from the Imperial influences of Russia. Russia itself in a desperate attempt to rebuild a new empire is creating a so-called Eurasian Union and has wanted Ukraine to be a member of it as without Ukraine, many predict this Customs Union will fail.

Parts of Ukraine have been occupied by Russia for 350+ years, first under the Tsar's and later under the Communist Regime of the Soviet Union. Both regimes have been brutal to the Ukrainian populace and have used their power to minimize Ukrainian culture, history, and language.

With the Independence of Ukraine in 1991, Ukraine has still been heavily influenced by Russia who has openly & covertly interfered with the inner workings of the Ukrainian state. The present president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has always viewed the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century, as many nations and territories under direct control of Russia had managed to break away. The stature of Russia has seriously declined since the days of the Soviet Union because of excessive corruption, seizure of state assets by Oligarchs, electoral fraud, and a collapse of the economy due to loss of territories and assets that were in nations that broke away from the Yoke of Russian tyranny. Putin is the richest man in Russia because he used the government to seize the assets of Oil & Natural Gas companies and then signing them over to himself.

Russia had exerted it's influence to block Ukraine from entry into NATO, which is necessary to help guarantee it's freedom from Russian aggression. The conflict in Georgia was but an example of how Russia used it's military to seize territory from Georgia. It's brutality in Chechnya & the Caucuses was to kill off the potential breakup of the Russian Federation itself.

Ukraine has also been fighting it's own demons, where Ukrainian leaders appear to become extremely rich by just being in power. The Regions Party has a large number of Oligarchs and tend to determine public policy based on the private needs of the Oligarchs instead of the good of the nation. This included manipulation of electoral results. Many Oligarchs looted the National Treasury and moved money offshore to private bank accounts. There where other actions were reporters were murdered for reporting on these acts, the most famous case was Georgiy Gongadze who was kidnapped and murdered in 2000. Many pro-Ukrainian political leaders were murdered by a form of assassination known as "death by truck" where a heavy transport truck would be aimed at cars carrying pro-Ukrainian politicians and resulting in head on collisions killing the occupants of the car, and the drivers of the trucks always mysteriously disappeared never to be found.

This was demonstrated in the 2004 presidential elections were the Opposition leader, Victor Yushchenko was poisoned with a very specific form of dioxin that is only manufactured in Russia. When that did not kill him, more extreme measures were instituted including the falsification of the electoral results thus giving the appearance that Viktor Yanukovych won the election runoff on November 21st in extreme contradiction to exit polls. The people did not take that lying down and it resulted in the Orange Revolution. Starting election night many thousands of Ukrainians started to gather in Independence Square. At it's peak there were estimated to be in excess of 1,000,000 people on the streets of Kyiv at a single time. The standoff between the protestors and the State was close to three weeks where the Supreme Court determined there were irregularities in the elections and ordered new elections for December 26th 2004. Viktor Yushchenko won that election.

The years following that Russia has been interfering in the internal matters of the Ukrainian state, including trying to destabilize the Ukrainian Government by reneging on an existing Gas Supply contract and thus cutting off the gas supply in mid-winter. It was not beneath Moscow to exert it's dominance in the energy sector as an economic weapon to make countries bend to it's will. In fact the Orange Revolution resulted in Russia investing heavily in an army of Internet experts to wage Information warfare in favour of Moscow's interests. Their budget is purported to be in excess of $300 million per year. When in 2007 Estonia wanted to remove a statue glorifying "Soviet Liberators" the Russians launched a massive Distributed Denial of Service Attack on Estonia that was intended to cripple the economy of Estonia.

In 2010 was the next presidential election in Ukraine. The shine of Viktor Yushchenko had come off because of his failure to stop rampant corruption, failure to steer Ukraine towards NATO membership and towards Europe as a member of the EU. Viktor Yanukovych had allegedly received $300 million to fund his election campaign from Moscow. He also received help in running his election from American Democratic Party lobbying firms from Washington DC. The main candidate with any chance of success against Yanukovych was Yulia Tymoshenko. During the elections of 2010, it was alleged that electoral fraud had made a return in Eastern Ukraine, enough to ensure that Viktor Yanukovych was elected President. Preparations were made to ensure there was no repeat of the 2004 Orange Revolution where protestors were blocked from making their way to Kyiv. Within 6 months after the elections, Yanukovych opened up investigations against Yulia Tymoshenko in a series of politically motivated trials resulting in the conviction of her in October 2011.

Shortly after Yanukovych's electoral win, he extended the lease of the Russian military base in Sevastopil in Crimea for 25 more years despite the agreement was not to lapse till 2017 and this was done in 2010. This was seen as appeasement to Moscow who desire to retake Crimea as a territory of Russia. Russia has also been working hard and gaining ownership of all pipelines that run thru Ukraine as a way of controlling energy flow thru Ukraine. Yanukovych also worked to eliminate Ukrainian as the only official state language and added Russian and reversed education policy that all state schools would be in the Ukrainian language.

Ukraine had been working over the last several years to become a member of the European Union. Several laws were supposed to be upgraded to reflect a more European standard with regards to the judiciary, eliminating corruption, cleaning up the electoral laws, and banking regulations. Europe was concerned about the political show trial of Yulia Tymoshenko and had been pressing Ukraine to release her as a show of good will and a movement towards a Eurpoean standard of justice. The laws were to be modified and in place for the November 29th meeting in Vilnius where Ukraine, Georgia & Moldova were to become Associate Members of the European Union.

Russia in an effort to retain influence if not control over Ukraine started to apply extreme economic pressures, threats, and no doubt physical threats behind closed doors. As of late spring 2013 Russia started applying large tariff's on Ukrainian manufactured and agricultural goods as a means of damaging the Ukrainian economy. It also threatened to recall the loans it had provided as it owns approximately 25% of the National debt of Ukraine. It started to threatened huge cost increases in the price of gas despite the world price of gas going down and even cutting off gas supplies to Ukraine during the winter. Russia did not want Ukraine to become part of the European Union and saw that Ukraine could potentially escape it's grip. It tried every dirty trick in the books and no doubt including personal threats to get it's way at the same time it was publicizing that Europe was exerting undue pressure on Ukraine which was not the case.

In the past month both the Ukrainian president & Ukrainian prime minister have made weekly trips to Russia for unspecified talks. There is no free country in the world where it's leaders are summoned weekly to another country to explain itself. Ukrainian President's & Prime Minister's need to stop this is they are trying to create the illusion they are a sovereign nation and not a puppet state under the control of Russia.

Ukraine was supposed to have all the legislation in place for November 13th 2013. By that time it appeared that the Regions Party was starting to stall, the anti-corruption law, the revised elections law and the law to free Yulia Tymoshenko were still not passed. The European Union extended this deadline to November 19th. As the 19th was approaching they then extended the deadline till before the November 29th meeting in Vilnius. On November 21st as President Yanukovych was in Austria on a state visit, he was declaring everything was still on track for the signing of the EU AA. At the exact same time as he was saying that, Prime Minister Azarov, just fresh back from a visit to Moscow where he had met with Prime Minister Medvedev of Russia declared that the EU AA was dead and that they would be seeking an agreement with Russia instead to the surprise of the EU and most observers. He instructed parliament to stop all further legislation modifications in preparation for the EU AA.

At this point Ukrainians started a 24/7 peaceful demonstration in Independence Square in hoping to influence the Ukrainian Government to reconsider it's decision. Thus it has become the EuroMaidan. By Sunday November 24th there were in excess of 100,000 people on the Maidan and multiple demonstrations across Ukraine and in cities across Canada, the USA & Europe in support of the EU AA. It was anticipated that the Berkut (Internal Ministry Troops) would blockade Kyiv and thus limit the number of participants in Kyiv, so a more distributed demonstration strategy was embraced. The Regions Party did gather several thousand people from Donetsk who they paid $200 per person per day to go to Kyiv in an anti-EU demonstration but it paled in size by comparison and it was well publicized that they were paid demonstrators thus detracting from their legitimacy.

President Yanukovych did go to the EU conference in Vilnius but did not sign the EU AA. The night after the conference, the Night of November 29th/30th government paid instigators/provocateurs acted in a violent manner so that the Berkut units could be justified in a crackdown. They brutally attacked the few people still in the Maidan and injured 150+ people including directed attacks against reporters. Even a pregnant woman was beaten by the security services. The online News outlet Ukrainianska Pravda documented and proved that the people instigating the violence were later standing behind police lines, not arrested, not detained -- thus strongly suggesting they were paid provocateurs. It was not their finest hour. The outrage in Ukraine was so great, it lead to an even larger demonstration in Kyiv on Sunday December 1st which approached 200,000 people in size. The demonstration was transformed from a pro EU AA demonstration to one that demanded that the Government resign. On December 3rd the Opposition parties unsuccessfully tried to impeach the President and thus force an election. Only several Regions Party MP's sided with the Opposition.

Since then the previous three Presidents of Ukraine, Kravchuk, Kuchma, & Yushchenko have expressed support for the demonstrators in the Maidan. Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as did Former Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat have expressed support and even came to the Maidan on December 7th to give speeches. Canadian Minister of External Affairs Baird (attending the OSCE conference in Kyiv) also visited the Maidan on December 6th and gave a speech to the demonstrators in support of them. The head of the Orthodox Church (Kyivskiy Patriarchat) has also expressed his support for the demonstrators. The European Union has warned Russia not to interfere with the internal affairs of Ukraine and in typical Russian Government doublespeak accused everybody else of doing what they were denying they were doing. NATO foreign Ministers also issued a statement for the Ukrainian Government not to use force. German Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply criticized Putin for his interference in the desire to derail the EU AA.

On December 4th Yanukovych flew off to China for a state visit. On his way back he stopped in to visit with President Putin of Russia for a meeting of undocumented subject matter. A confidential leak to Edward Lucas of the Economist suggested that Ukraine negotiated a deal of $5 billion upfront, with another $10 billion to follow, with lower gas prices to follow and that Ukraine would then sign an agreement to join the Eurasian Union (the new Russian Empire) on December 17th when once again Yanukovych would return to Moscow. Upon hearing this, the demonstrators and Opposition had called for a 1 million person demonstration on the Maidan (Independence Square).

It is rumoured that the Government will attempt to use more provocaturs to instigate a violent episode so that they could declare a state of emergency, and thus use brutal force via the Berkut (Internal Ministry Troops) and disperse the demonstrators.

The danger to Ukrainian sovereignty is that if Ukraine signs the Eurasian Union agreement, to extract Ukraine from it in the future requires a 10+ year notice, has many obtrusive clauses including mutual defence so it could mean Russian troops back on Ukrainian soil used to put down pro-Ukrainian and pro-European demonstrations. In essence Ukraine could be sold back into Russian subjugation.

Thus Ukraine is at a crossroads between modernization of the economy, elimination of corruption, and improved quality of life versus a step backward to Russian subjugation, corruption, the destruction of Ukrainian culture & language, and a much poorer quality of life.

February 18th 2014

This was the day that the Constitution was to return to the 2004 version -- Over the last few years President Yanukovych with the help of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine had modified the constitution of Ukraine to concentrate powers in the hands of the President. An agreement was made between the Opposition parties and the government, that Ukraine would return to the 2004 version of the constitution. This was supposed to be introduced to Parliament the previous week but the Speaker of Parliament, Rybak, closed down sessions every time the Opposition moved to introduce the legislation. It was apparent for the second time in a month, that enough PoR MPs would support the Opposition against the wishes of the President, thus the speaker refused to accept the legislation. He then closed down Parliament on orders from President Yanukovych. The return to the 2004 Constitution was seen as a way to a peaceful solution/resolution to the peaceful demonstrations of the past 3 months, in other words a movement towards de-escalation.

Lesya Orobets, MP for the Batkivschyna Party, wrote an article on her facebook page describing how the President of Ukraine, Yanukovych was bargaining in bad faith and had no intentions of resolving the issue peacefully. He had been planing this assault on the demonstrators for the last 3 weeks. They used the issue of the Constitution to lure out the demonstrators from the relative safety of the Maidan as they headed towards the Parliament Buildings to demonstrate and then used the Berkut to attack them. The unarmed demonstrators fought back and this is where the Government then started using live ammunition for the second time this month. It was obvious this was a planned event as the government had quietly amassed a large number of security services plus additional units of paid and armed thugs with white armbands to attack and kill demonstrators.

The situation continued to escalate through the day where the Berkut continued to advance towards the Maidan. The death toll of protestors beaten to death and/or shot with live ammunition continued to grow as the day progressed. Zakharchenko, the acting Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affars, (the same person who ordered beatings of protestors & journalistsin previous incidents) ordered the shutdown of roads leading into Kyiv, the shutdown of the cities subway system and ordered the demonstrators to leave the Maidan 6:00 PM or they would attack. At 8 PM using water canons, armoured personnel carriers, concussion grenades, snipers, shotguns with live ammunition to attack the Maidan. The attacks continued thru the night. Molotov cocktails thrown at an APC ramming the barricades managed to ignite the APC which in the end exploded. Only one TV Network covered the attacks during the day, TV5, but they were yanked off the air by the Government. Power was cut off to the downtown core and attacks on the Internet via DDoS attacks occured. The Bands of government paid thugs that were armed by the government roamed the streets outside the Maidan beatings and killing people thru a rain of Government sponsered terror.

One third of the Maidan fell during the night to Berkut. It appears that MP Turchynov was wounded on the stage of the Maidan by a possible sniper and/or shrapnel. By morning the Maidan has been held and there is an uneasy pause. The death toll is in excess of 25 people. The Defence Minister Lebedev has ordered the 25th airborne brigade (based in Dnipropetrovsk) of the Ukrainian Military. This is another dark line that has been crossed. The ordering of the use of military units against unarmed civilians/citizens. We are talking the realm of war crimes/crimes against humanity. Yanukovych met with Klitschko & Yatseniuk during the night after making them wait several hours. He then threatened to proceed against them with criminal charges, much like he jailed two previous political leaders, Tymoshenko & Lutsenko. It is becoming very evident that President Yanukovych is a sociopath and will jail all political opponents. The true mark of a dictator & sociopath.

Russia has been an important catalyst in the violence -- Putin has been pressing Yanukovych to bloody his hands and resolve the issue thru extreme force before he would release the funds for the Government. Russians have been trying to wedge Crimea away from Ukraine as they need it as their only warm water naval port. They have been formenting this drive of "federalism" as a step towards breaking up Ukraine. Russia's hidden agenda is to incorporate Ukraine into the 3rd Russian Empire (3rd Reich) willingly or by force.

This is where things stand as of today.

InfoUkes Staff
December 7th 2013, Update February 19th 2014

NOTE: This Introduction will be brought up to date in the next few days because of all the escalating criminal actions by the Yanukovych administration of the past few weeks. [2014-01-23]

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• Several dozens journalists injured when working on EuroMaidan protest rallies Institute of Mass Information, (English Language), [2013-12-02]
• Polish journalist injured at Bankova street Institute of Mass Information, (English Language), [2013-12-01]
• Berkut Fighters attacked journalists, tore away journalist ID stickers, and crushed cameras Institute of Mass Information, (English Language), [2013-12-01]
• 'Outrage' at Ukraine protest violence BBC World News, (English Language), [2013-12-01]
• In pictures: Ukraine protests dispersed BBC World News, (English Language), [2013-11-30]
• Ukraine police disperse EU-deal protesters BBC World News, (English Language), [2013-11-30]
• Police attack on Kyiv's EuroMaidan demonstrators draws international outrage (UPDATES) Christopher J. Miller, Kyiv Post, (English Language), [2013-11-30]
• Police say protesters provoked violence (VIDEO) Katya Gorchinskaya & Mariia Shamota, Kyiv Post, (English Language), [2013-11-30]
• Road Control investigative journalists brutally beaten Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, (English Language), [2013-11-27]

Radio Programs

• Inna Bohoslovska Interview about Putin's Plan to break up Ukraine & 60+ Regions Party MP's who want to defect  [December 21st 2013, Radio Svoboda, Kyiv], (Ukrainian Language)
• Nash Holos Radio Program Nanaimo 2013-1204 Part 1 (of 2) (English Language)
• Nash Holos Radio Program Nanaimo 2013-1204 Part 2 (of 2) (English Language)
• Nash Holos Radio Program Vancouver 2013-1201 (English Language)

Notable Videos

• Thanks from Ukraine for the support from outside Ukraine Ukrainian Catholic University students in Lviv, (Multiple Languages) [2013-12-27]
• Are EU banks doing business with Ukraine's crooked politicians? Zik TV, (Ukrainian Language with English Subtitles), [2013-12-21]
• Inna Bohoslovska Interview: Putin, Medvedchuk & Klyuev want to break up Ukraine Radio Svoboda, (Ukrainian Language), [2013-12-21]
• RFE/RL: Bird's-Eye View Of 'Euromaidan' Protests In Kyiv Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, [2013-12-08]

Aerial Videos / Panoramic Photography

• Aerial Video: EUROMAIDAN DAY 'N' NIGHT HD Independence Square (Maidan), Kyiv, [2013-12-14 - 2013-12-15]
• EuroMaidan rallies in Ukraine -- 360° Aerial Panorama Independence Square (Maidan), Kyiv, [2013-12-08]
• GoPro: Euromaidan Independence Square (Maidan), Kyiv, [2013-12-08]

Relevant Organizations

• Ukrainian World Congress: Ukraine's Euro-Integration
• Ukrainian World Congress: EuroMaidan
• Ukrainian Canadian Congress: EuroMaidan
• Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Toronto Branch: EuroMaidan
• EuroMaidan Ottawa
• Freedom House
• Maidan Monitoring Information Centre (Ukrainian Language) (English Language)
• Institute of Mass Information
• Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Under constant DDoS attack (by Ukraine or Russia?)
• Amnesty International in Ukraine
• Transparency International
• Transparency International in Ukraine
• Road Control Ukraine
• Ukrainian Catholic University EuroMaidan Information Page
• Association of Ukrainian Human Rights monitors on law-enforcement
• Media Law Institute

Political Parties in Ukraine

• Region's Party of Ukraine [Ruling Party] (Russian/Ukrainian/English Languages)
• Batkivshchyna Party [Opposition Party] (Ukrainian Language)
• Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) Party [Opposition Party] (Ukrainian/English Languages)
• Svoboda Party [Opposition Party] (Ukrainian/English Languages)
• Official Website of Yulia Tymoshenko [Jailed Opposition Politician] (Ukrainian/Russian/English Languages)

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