Ukrainian History

Zaporozhtsi write a letter to the turkish sultan, by I. Repin
Zaporozhtsi write a letter to the turkish sultan, by I. Repin, circa 1880-1891. Kharkiv Art Museum.



Icon Ancient Inventions of Ukraine


Legend of the Founding of Kyiv 482 A.D.
Golden Gates of Kyiv

Cossack Era

The Cossack Letter -- "The Most Defiant Letter!"

Soviet Era Occupation of Ukraine

Icon The Artificial Famine/Genocide (Holodomor) in Ukraine 1932-33
Icon Litopys UPA -- Chronicle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
Icon The Peter J. Potichnyj Collection on Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine
Icon Political Thought of the Ukrainian Underground 1943-1951
Icon Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky
Icon World War II in Ukraine
Icon 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army
Icon Search for Ostarbeiters
Icon The Chornobyl Nuclear Accident and it's Ramifications

Since Ukrainian Independence

Icon The 1996 Constitution of Ukraine


Icon Who Has A Right To Crimea?
Icon Jewish-Ukrainian Bibliography


Icon First Ukrainian Church in Canada
Icon Historical Highlights in Saskatchewan
Icon Internment of Ukrainians in Canada 1914-1920
Icon Filip Konowal -- Awarded the Victoria Cross 1917

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