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This is a Ukrainian Map Server. The purpose is to provide reasonably detailed maps of Ukraine to aid users in their search for cities, towns, and villages that may not appear on conventional maps. Please note that on some of the maps, the geographical names are still in Russian and not Ukrainian due to the Russo-centric Former Soviet Union and we apologize for any confusion this may cause.

General Maps of Ukraine

General maps of Ukraine can be found on this page at various scales and sizes.

[Icon] General Maps of Ukraine Page

Maps of Ukrainian Oblasts

Topography Maps of each Ukrainian Oblast (Province) have been digitized. At present only two out of twenty-five Oblast maps are on-line at this site. As each Oblast is ready, the URL will be activated to access the specific Oblast as listed on the page accessed by the link below.

[Icon] Detailed Maps of Ukrainian Oblasts (Provinces) Page

Ukrainian Road Map

A Ukrainian Road Map in the Ukrainian Language has been digitized and made available for access from this link.

[Icon] Ukrainian Road Map Page

Ukrainian City Maps

A Collection of Maps of Ukrainian Cities is made available for access from this link.

[Icon] Ukrainian City Maps Page

City/Town/Village Search Engine

This is a multilingual i.e. English/Ukrainian search engine to aid people in finding a village/town/city. Please be patient with us for this is our first attempt at such a major undertaking. The only settlements that will be listed will be those that are visible on the maps we have digitised. As more Oblasts come on line, we will add the appropriate links to any settlements that are on the maps.

[Icon] City/Town/Village Search Engine

Other Ukrainian Map Sites

Check out other Ukrainian Map Sites on the Internet. Please note that this page is under constant rennovation as more Ukrainian maps are discovered on the Internet.

[Icon] Other Ukrainian Map Sites


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